About Us

DSG is a registered charitable company which was founded in 1982. At that time the charity was based in an almost derelict building in the West end of Dundee and it has grown consistently from those small beginnings. Presently we occupy a site on Foundry Lane which houses 24 homeless people in a combination of supported accommodation and self-contained flats. All our service users are single, range in age from 16 to 66 and are both male and female. Dundee Survival Group aims to make a lasting, significant difference to homeless peoples’ lives – often taking months or years of hard work to help people build a safe, secure and fulfilling life away from homelessness.

Our Mission Statement

To aid the rehabilitation and resettlement of single homeless people in Dundee.

Our Aims

  • To promote, provide and operate accommodation and other facilities for single homeless people.
  • To improve the health and welfare of single homeless people in Dundee.
  • To empower and enable homeless people to live independently and contribute to sustainable communities.
  • To relieve the hardship and distress that impacts on homeless people in Dundee without discrimination on grounds of race, disability, age, gender, sexuality, political/ religious beliefs or any other grounds.

Our Objectives

To provide good quality accommodation, services and support to meet the physical, social and psychological needs of homeless people in Dundee.

Accommodation and Housing Support

Dundee Survival Group is a referral agency, primarily taking referrals from Dundee City Council, Homelessness Services, providing a 24-hour support and housing service to some of the city’s most vulnerable people. Homelessness is increasing again due to the lack of affordable housing and welfare reform forcing many men and women into rough sleeping or increasing the risk of becoming street homeless. These people are referred to the project to gain help and emergency accommodation.

The causes of homelessness are complex and the symptoms often involve substance misuse, behavioural problems, relationship breakdown, poor mental and physical health. Evidence indicates the most vulnerable people susceptible to homelessness are those discharged from institutions for example children leaving care, people released from prison, and people fleeing from violence.

We aim to offer service users with more than a roof over their head. We want to help them move towards more appropriate accommodation whether that be their own independent living space or further supported accommodation. Our service users are supported by support workers who will help them to engage with a range of other services needed to help them address the issues which have caused their homelessness or remain to be a barrier to sustaining independent living.

We recognise the complexities and difficulties faced by many people suffering chaotic lifestyles, we aim to prevent the revolving door of homelessness for these people. Support workers will work with service users to gain housekeeping and budgeting skills that many of us take for granted. We will help service users to improve communication and build confidence that will help them to participate in communities and move toward education, training and provide routes to employment.

We will liaise with other housing and supporting agencies, where appropriate, to ensure the individual is fully supported to move through homelessness into independent living in the community. Networking links with other agencies ensures full and appropriate support to develop skills needed for individuals to sustain their own tenancy in future.

Intensive Housing Support

The project is staffed 24-hours a day, with Support Workers available from 8am to 10pm daily. We offer a structured and stable environment where residents are given the space and support to address the issues that contributed to their homelessness. Our aim is to prepare our service users for living out-with a hostel situation enabling them to resettle in the city and reintegrate back into mainstream society.

Our Service Includes

DSG provides supported accommodation in our 14 single person bedrooms. Residents receive healthy and well-balanced meals to help improve their health and wellbeing, and ensure their daily nutritional needs are met. A laundry and cleaning service is also provided if they wish. These residents are allocated Support workers who will work closely with them and any other agency to ensure that their needs are met. These service users are fully supported to help with moving on to whatever permanent accommodation is suitable for them, whether it is independent living or other supported accommodation.

DSG also offers independent living, furnished, self-contained flats for a further 20 individuals who have experienced homelessness and who may have had problems with sustaining a tenancy. Residents of these flats are expected to cook for themselves and are required to keep these flats clean and in a reasonable condition. These service users are also provided with any help or support they require from a range of support providers who can assist in a range of issues such as help in applying for community grants, budget advice, access to health services to tackle substance addiction, poor mental health, preparing service users for employment and ultimately independent living.

Our Staff

Dundee Survival Group Staff include:

Chief Executive Officer: Mr S Patel
Operations Manager: Ms P Cifci
Administrator: Ms M Laing
8 Support Officers
2 Catering Staff
2 Engagement Officers
6 Concierge/Reception Staff

Our Board of Directors

Chair: Mr A Maich
Vice Chair and five board members