Painting with Light – Photography Workshop


With the Engagement Project I have taken part in loads of workshops. One of the workshops I done was called ‘Painting with Light’. I seen the posters the week before and thought I would give it a go. One of the lassies that runs the Engagement Project is a photography student. So she brought in her camera and showed us this really cool thing you can do with the camera settings. She showed me lots of examples and had different examples printed off for us to look at and get ideas from. I picked out the ones I liked and thought we could give something like that a go.

We started off by blacking out the room so that it was really dark. We set up the camera and talked about the different angles and shapes that we could use.

Using a torch, we started by doing simple shapes and looking back at the images and adjusting the camera settings as we went until they were perfect. I wanted to try to write me name as well. It was really hard cause it had to be backwards but everything is worth a try. We drew round each other as well and just done loads of experiments. When I felt I had got the hang of it I drew a wee person sitting on a chair who wasn’t there. It was crazy man.

After we felt we had done enough, she explained how to edit the pictures in this thing Photoshop to make them look ever better. She sat with me and explained all the different ways we could edit them and changes colours and that. It was quite hard but she walked me through it and helped if I got stuck.

We got them all printed off and made them into books for me to keep so that I could remember how I done it. I made a final book and named all the pictures and made them look dead professional.

I learned a lot from this workshop and have gone on to do other Photography workshops since. It was dead good.