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Dining Room refurbished !

Here’s the before photographs And here are the After shots ! After!Thanks to Asda Foundation’s financial support we have made a huge difference. The decor and furniture was chosen by our Service users ! making our Dining room less like an institution and more a psychologically informed environment, empowering our residents to to create a…

Summer in Dundee

Summer in the cityV&A IS COMING ON ! Summer in the city😀.But before it opens DSG will be hoping our refurbished Dining room open Friday 15th. service users have been busy refurbishing it ! Thank you to everyone who helped.

At this time of year when most of us are thinking of the festive holidays with friends and family spare a thought for those less fortunate. Dundee Survival Group will continue to provide all 24 of our service users with housing support and hopefull some Christmas cheer as we prepare some service users to take…


Dundee Survival Group had an AGM on the 31st of October, Thank you to service users Stakeholders and partner agencies for attending. The audited accounts were agreed and two new Board Members were co-opted onto the Board so a very productive meeting was had.