Many Thanks to Tesco’s Community Food Connection

Tesco’s Community Food Connection

DSG Tesco Community Food Connection

Dundee Survival Group is proud to be working in partnership with Tesco’s Community Food Connection initiative, we also believe in Tesco’s vision that ‘no food that could be eaten should go to waste – not on farms or factories, not in our shops and not in our customers’ homes’.

The Community Food Connection programme, which is delivered in partnership with FareShare, FoodCloud, links local stores in Dundee to local charities and community groups. DSG is a recipient, working to help vulnerable homeless people to rebuild their lives after a period of homelessness. Key to our success is the provision of daily healthy nutritious meals for our service users, the donation from Tesco of good quality surplus food, helps people make better life changing choices and decisions and aids their personal development. DSG is grateful for the kind support of Tesco.